Copy contacts to Android without Internet

It is Android Tutorial will teach you to copy contacts on Android without internet:

Nowadays, mobile technology is changing very fast, so it is not uncommon for fans to switch cell phones several times a year, although they still have some issues to face, for example, the synchronization of contacts on Android.

We have already seen a tutorial on how to sync contacts in Gmail, but what if the contacts are stored on a phone chip? In this case, you cannot sync with Google in an easy way, so here we are going to teach you how export your contacts from one phone to another using only memory as an intermediary.

Export contacts to storage with Android

To begin with, we must export contacts to internal memory, we will do this using a function from the contacts area called export / import, it works in a simple way:

  • You enter the contact area then go to the secondary menu and press Import / Export
  • Now select Export to Storage, accept the following warning, pay attention to the path and wait for the export to finish
  • When the process is finished, connect your phone to the PC and find the path you saw earlier and copy the exported file
  • If all goes well, you can disconnect the phone and continue importing contacts

Import contacts from storage with Android

Now that you have imported your contacts and have the file on your PC, you need to follow these steps with the new phone:

  • Plug in the new phone and place the file on the SD memory
  • Now go to the Contacts app, tap on the secondary menu and select Import / Export
  • Unlike the previous method, tap Import contacts from storage
  • The phone will search and find the contact file and once you accept it, it will perform the process automatically

It’s that simple import contacts from storage with AndroidIf you were unsuccessful, don’t worry, we can help you with that if you contact us in the comments section.

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