Better apps and websites to learn typing and typing faster

the typing It is an art that very few know how to master, but it is very necessary, especially in the new generationsBecause apart from typing faster and faster from your mobile or computer, you can exercise your fingers and save time.

Fortunately, there are many applications and websites to learn typing and typing faster, So you could create a new habit and improve the labor productivity and even health.

So no matter if you are a user, student or office employee, these are platforms you need to know to keep up to date and not to be left behind in front of others that if they dominate in their totality the basic computer techniques.

These are the 7 best apps for learning typing for free

8 best websites and apps to learn typing

  • Type With 10 Fingers
  • Artypist
  • learn typing
  • Ratatype
  • Master of typing
  • Speed ​​Typing Online
  • Learn Write fast

These are the best apps and web pages available for learning to type faster, especially to improve your work experience, write texts on mobile phones and tablets and perform activities more efficiently, quickly and without errors. Let’s get started!

Typing to learn typing presents an extensive curriculum for learning typing is one of the web pages to learn typing most popular at the moment. Its multiple functions allow users to gain a myriad of knowledge under one extensive study plan so that you can know in detail and through exercises of the basic principles of this practice.

They are already over 700,000 teachers and millions of students who use this platform daily, especially to learn through online classes to Write Faster on Computers Among its most outstanding activities we have: computer and technology literacy basics, Comprehensive Typing, Customizable Lessons, attractive tests and games.

Type With 10 Fingers

It is a mobile application for Android to learn to type for free and also uses modern technology and the symmetrical method for a better teaching of the touch typing. It consists of 32 levels where you will move forward slowly with the help of one academic tutor under a dynamic, interactive and harmonious interface.

His way of learning is quite efficient and he is helping you memorize letters and symbols, And at the end of all the levels you will receive a diploma that you will be able to show off with pride.



Try Artypist and learn to type faster

When we talk about Artypist, We mean a website that has a lot to offer, mainly for those users who wish Improve your skills and be faster in front of the keyboard. Thanks to this platform, you will have one at your fingertips totally free typing course.

So if you want learn, improve and master the art of typing, This may be the ideal place. In addition, its course begins with the most important, the finger positioning accompanied by interesting graphics so you can learn to place your hands and fingers on the keyboard correctly and more. To make matters worse, at the beginning of starting the website you can take a speed test.

learn typing

Learn typing-APP

Free typing and basic exercises for typing in record time

learn typing is an application available for Android by learn typing for free. It consists of basic exercises classified by level and experience. They also include important shortcuts for you to memorize and finish activities with your fingers much faster and without looking at the keyboard.

So if you are professional and want to improve your skills, This app is a good alternative to develop writing techniques necessary or optimize them for the future.


Ratatype to learn typing

Test your writing skills with Ratatype

Do you want learn to type faster? then Ratatype is the ideal choice for you. It is a web portal, the function and purpose of which is to learn to improve your keyboard skills by the hand of professional academic tutors.

This platform is ideal for educators and students, The same owns course of touch typing design for different types of keyboards (QWERTY, DVORAK, AZERTY) in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian and to top it off, it helps you correct spelling mistakes when typing.

Master of typing

If you are one of those who love to learn by playing, then Master of typing is the ideal choice for you. With this Android app you can participate in fun games and addictive which in turn will progressively improve yours speed in front of the keyboard.

To advance in each game you can go unlocking levels according to your achievements within the system, it also includes spells, classification tables and much more. Without a doubt, this is a pretty entertaining pocket tool where you can learn to type and type faster from anywhere using your mobile device.

Speed ​​Typing Online

Speed ​​Typing Online for faster typing

The best website full of typing lessons for any user

It is a platform that you can easily access, especially for the writing speed test. with Speed ​​Typing Online, You will be able to submit to one free typing test, Which will show you in 1 minute speed and accuracy results, Focusing on right, wrong, complete words and even error rates or other details.

Your system includes typing basics, Basic and advanced lessons with professional tutors in the area, interactive alphabet games and Fast Fire Typer. To make matters worse, it also has custom classes to improve yours accuracy and speed in record time.

Learn Write fast

Learn Write fast- APP

Learn to type fast with this Android app

There are many apps designed for learn typing, But, Learn Write fast is one of the easiest apps you can have on your Android device to type fast without having to look at the screen.

Thanks to this app, you can practice with short and long sentences freely. It is very useful and can help you at any time. Calmly review the lessons and perform the exercises over and over again until you get it improve your writing skills.

Now, hopefully these apps and web pages to learn typing and typing fast they help you in all areas of your life, especially in the world of computing. What are you waiting for to start your lessons?

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