AutoMate: bring Android Auto to any phone

When Google introduced Android Auto , we were all impressed by its possibilities. In case you don’t know him, Android Auto It is a version of the operating system designed especially for cars, so that we can access part of its functions, while driving without putting ourselves in danger.

The problem with this system is that very few of us can use it, since it is not possible to install it on a mobile phone that we have and use daily.

To enjoy Android Auto, it is necessary to install a touch screen in the vehicle, something that is out of reach for most. But for this we are going to present today AutoMate, an android application that will allow us to enjoy all the advantages of Android Auto, on any smartphone.

AutoMate: bring Android Auto to any phone

What is AutoMate

AutoMate is a app that we can install on any Android device, thanks to which we can access all the advantages of Android Auto without the need to make major changes to our car. In this way, the operating system is made available to many more users.

AutoMate has mainly three functions. On the one hand, it allows us to access the maps, so that we will no longer need a GPS naviganator. Its second function is the call management, with which we can answer when someone wants to contact us without having to put ourselves in danger when answering. And finally it has a third option to access music that we have on our device.

How to install AutoMate

AutoMate is still in beta, so you won’t be able to find it on Google Play, at least for now. The way to download it is by accessing your developer community on Google+ which you must join in order to have permission to download.

On APK Mirror You can also find a download of this application, but it is still recommended that you go through its page on Google + to know some more details about it.

If you are going to encourage yourself to install it, it is important that you bear in mind that we are talking about an application that is still in Test phase, so you are likely to run into a bug.

If you have been encouraged to try AutoMate, you can share your experience in a comment below this article.

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