As an Android antivirus you can prevent your current account from being emptied

Installing an antivirus on Android does not have to be a bad idea.

Although it is always debatable whether or not to install an antivirus on Android, such products can be very useful for a significant number of users, especially for those who are not fully aware of the importance of maintaining a safe browsing habits. Not for nothing though viruses do not install themselves on our smartphones.

Still, and much in spite of the multiple layers of security of Android, many Trojans manage to bully the most common of users to finish emptying their checking accounts. One of the most prominent examples is the Android.Banker.2876 which had the capacity to take control of our bank account.

Android malware

Although not very common, Android Trojans are still here

This is how Android.Banker 2876, the “account cleaner” Trojan, works (or worked)

Android.Banker.2876 was detected by antivirus Doctor Web a few weeks ago as a troià what it mimicked the interfaces of European banks with Bankia, BBVA or Santander. His plan was simple: to make the user believe that he is using a 100% legal application.

From here, Android.Banker.2876 started to collect information by virtue of “invading” permissions such as the administration of calls telephone or the control of the sending and receiving of SMS messages. Once the Trojan takes control of communications, it goes to start in hidden mode, Intercepting in the shadows all the SMS that the user receives.

In this way, their managers manage to receive the disposable passwords used to access affected banking apps. And all this not to mention the campaigns of phishing which can be organized based on the personal data collected.

trojan Android

Android.Banker.2876 pretended to be the official application of banks

To make matters worse, from Doctor Web they came to detect up to 6 modifications of Android.Banker.2876, All ready to be downloaded from Google Play as one more application. Fortunately, today, it is already out from the Google App Store.

Avoid Trojans with safe browsing and a good antivirus

Of course, living without antivirus on Android is perfectly possible, but it is also true that having a competent antivirus installed can save us more than a nuisance in the future. Note that the case of Android.Banker.2876 is only one in thousands, Since, right now, from Doctor Web have identified a dozen similar malware.

It is important to avoid browsing sites of dubious reputation and above all avoid downloading apps from outside of Google Play or that they have a suspicious appearance. Before installing anything, always check who the developer is as well as the opinions of the app, and of course not run files whose origin you do not know.

Finally, complement the protection with a simple and practical antivirus that allows you go about safe with your devices. In that sense, right now you can buy Dr. Web Security Space for Android with a 10% discount using the ANDRO4ALL coupon. With a price lower than 7 euros per year, It is a very good option to sleep a little calmer.

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