Android has a game the goal is to poop without being seen

Awkward Relief, a game that debuts in the Google Play Store in which the goal is to belly up without anyone seeing you.

Google Play Store it has a lot of games and applications of all types and colors, and over the weeks it is adding new ones that are worth knowing. In the Android app store there is also space for some apps and games the sea of ​​curious and peculiar, as is the case with the one that allows you create your own “deepfakes” and another in which create your own exercise routines. In the last seven days our eyes have gone to Awkward Relief, A title for Android devices that consists of going to the bathroom unseen.

Awkward Relief hit the Google Play Store a few days ago, and already has more than 1,000 downloads. A title developed by Hybrid Humans, which can be downloaded and installed completely free – has no ads – and has achieved a PEGI 3 rating, so it is not suitable for all audiences. The story of the game is really simple, the user gets involved in the skin of a great influencer who eats a sandwich in public, Which turns out to be bad and make you feel bad. After ingesting this food, the character feels the need to go to the bathroom and vomit, and the goal is to find a private place to relieve himself without anyone seeing you.

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They create a game in which you have to go to the bathroom unseen.

For some strange reason the studio has decided it was a good time to launch a game of this style for Android devices. The title, as we have already mentioned, is simple. This is a game in which the character feeling the need to go belly up after sipping a shabby sandwich and finding a place to enjoy privacy, is evacuating along the way. Of course, the mechanics of the game is to prevent fans of this influencer from seeing him in action, because if they stick they start broadcasting live through their smartphones and, as a result, fans are being lost.

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Awkward Relief, a game in which you poop without anyone seeing you

Look for a more intimate place to relax while preventing your followers from seeing you belly up. The game enters the genre of sigil and the scenarios complicate the situation a bit, as they are open and public places where there are other people walking, like a car park. The goal is to hide while evacuating by choosing the most discreet locations possible on these maps.

Without a doubt it is one of the weirdest Android games which we have seen lately, but it is still addictive, both for its simple mechanics and its original idea. If you want to pass a fun time, Feel free to give Awkward Relief a try, which debuts this week on the Google Play Store and will leave you speechless.

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