8 apps to win likes on facebook downloaded from Google Play

Get likes and other reactions on Facebook with these 8 apps

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks worldwide and certainly represents an important place to make ourselves known.

So, if you have a personal or business Facebook account and want to gain likes to position yourself better or simply become an influencer, you can try one of these apps to increase the amount of reactions and make all your posts viral.

apps to win likes on facebook

Top apps to win likes on Facebook

if you want increase your likes on Facebook We show you a list of the best options to find in the Google Play Store.


Liker app to win likes

We begin this journey with an app that will allow us to reach the right audience, first, after downloading it we must log in with our Facebook account. We can customize it for know what time and words are trending and support us with this data to make our publications.

In addition, it has a quick search section and its interface is very simple to use. With Liker we have the opportunity to place the ideal audience for our publications and so on get more likes.


app liquidator

We can use this application for both Facebook and Instagram. An important feature of this app is that it provides important statistics of the likes we have obtained and also has a section to verify the I like the world ranking which are trends.

We must be clear that this app alone will not give us likesBut if we are smart and know how to study global trends and what has worked best for us in the past, we can adapt to what the public is looking for.

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Liker App

This app is a complete guide on how we can get more Likes, Comments and followers on Facebook.

The app promises many more interactions on our account if we follow all your tips to the letter. Nothing is lost by taking a look at it and seeing how we can improve our posts to reach more people.


swipa app to win likes on facebook

We can increase our popularity on Facebook using SwipaIt’s a bit tricky to understand at first, though it is quite efficient. We choose what reaction we want for a photo, a like, I love it, I care, then it will tell us what tasks we need to do to get it, how, follow other people, react to their posts, and so on. too we can pay with real money to get these likes much faster.


huwi app for facebook

The first thing we need to do when downloading Huwi is log in to Facebook and keep posts in the option Public. Once this is done, we can go into Huwi and ask for the reactions we want in these posts. The only detail is that we can’t use the app every time we want to, As we have to wait up to 8 hours to ask for new reactions.

like Survey

Like Survey, an app with a simple interface and without many features, but that works differently from those we have already mentioned. this app what it does is show our content to your entire community, And depending on the quality of our content we will gain feedback and new friends on Facebook.

We can do the same, enter the app to see the Facebook of other users who are not our friends on the social network and react to their posts.


BumperLiker app

BumperLiker is an app that fulfills what it promises, The detail is that it is in Portuguese and has some problems accessing the app.

All we have to do is enter our Facebook login details and all the photos we have public will automatically appear, which is important because if they are not public they will not appear. Then we press send feedback and see how they magically appear in our posts.

5K to 10K Guide for Unlimited Like

app 5K to 10K Guide for Unlimited Like

We end this list with another guide that promises to make us more famous. His tips work for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, although we have to say that his advertising is extremely invasive and is in English, so if you don’t handle the language better or try to use it.

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