7 good apps to identify medicinal plants with your mobile


Do you have any illness? Surely some of these apps can help you identify a medicinal plant.

Have you ever seen a plant and would like to know more about it? Well why its aroma captivated you, Its shape or colors caught your eye or just to see if you have any medicinal benefits.

To know all this, fortunately already you don’t need to study botany, Because thanks to technology and our mobile phones, it is possible access all this information quickly and easily.

7 good apps to identify medicinal plants with your mobile

7 good apps to identify medicinal plants with your mobile

You’re probably wondering, how can you do that? It’s very simple! There are different apps to identify plants for free that will help you understand everything you want. Want to find out what they are? Here we leave the Top 7 in the Google Play Store.

The best free apps to identify plants and flowers with your mobile

The best app to identify plants for free on Android

  • PictureThis
  • PlantSnap – Identify plants and flowers
  • Plant identifier – Identification with lens
  • PlantNet Plant Identification
  • Natural Medicinal Plants
  • NatureID
  • LeafSnap


PictureThis to identify medicinal plants

Account, diagnostics and plant toxicity alert thanks to PictureThis

Picture This is one of the best apps to identify free plants directly from your mobile. With this tool, you can identify more than 10,000 plant species with 98% accuracy.

with his artificial intelligence, Is able to recognize instantly thousands of plants, Flowers, trees and more, thanks to the fact that experts and specialists constantly feed their database.

In addition to identifying them, it is also an excellent app for plant care, Showing different tips and reminders for its cultivation. And for lovers of botany, it has an amazing gallery of best photos of flowers and plants from around the world, As well as a personal collection of all the mates you discover.

PlantSnap – Identify plants and flowers

PlantSnap - Identify plants and flowers

With PlantSnap you can have information and curiosities about plants in the world

An app for identify super complete free plants which allows access to information and curiosities from more than 600,000 species of exotic plants, Medicinal herbs, fungi, Cactus and more.

Just take a picture of the plant because PlantSnap show you the whole related main information, From its taxonomy and complete overview, to its care and curiosities about it. You can even zoom in on the image to see every detail in depth.

To make matters worse, for nature lovers it offers a social feed where you can share your photos and discoveries in more than 35 million PlantSnappers in around 200 countries.

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Would you like to contribute to the environment? PlantSnap looks like a tree for each person who downloads the app and register, so it’s a good gesture worth supporting.

Plant identifier – Identification with lens

Plant identifier - Identification with lens

This app recognizes any plant without taking a photo

This is a application to identify plants online and that it also works offline, making it very useful at times when it’s not possible access the Internet.

It has a very simple operation, as it does not require a photograph of the plant or its leaves, you just need to place it in front of the camera for the application to do its job thanks to its augmented reality technology.

Unlike others apps to identify plants for free, This software is a bit more limited as it only shows the name of the same and a little additional information. Still, it’s a great alternative to consider.

PlantNet Plant Identification

PlanNet App is the ideal choice for lovers of botany and gardening and they need a reliable tool to identify plants in their pocket. It is a project developed by a consortium formed by scientists from CIRAD, INRA, INRIA, IRD, and the Tela Botanica network funded by the Agrópolis Foundation.

This free plant identification app helps know nature through images, Through a themed flower arrangement and geographical. If you want, you can participate in the project by sending your “contribution” by correctly identifying a plant.

Natural Medicinal Plants

One of the best apps to identify plants for free and especially those of medicinal use. It has a wide and varied information about herbs, Plants, trees, Fruits and home remedies which you can use for the treatment of diseases.

Just go to your plant finder and place the name of the tree, shrub, or fruit to obtain details of it, although it also offers the possibility of indicating the symptom, discomfort, or pain for the app itself to recommend you one list of plants with complete information that you can use.

Also, you can leave your comments on the floor about your user experience and help other people when looking for references and so on. bring valuable content to the community.


NatureID to recognize medicinal plants

This platform has 95% effectiveness in the identification of medicinal plants

It is without a doubt one of the best alternatives for identify free medicinal plants since it has very particular functions that we will explain to you next. Nature ID is capable of identify more than 10,000 plant species with 95% effectiveness by just taking a picture of it.

Thanks to its improved algorithm, it can effectively identify anyone tree, shrub or flower instantly. In addition, it offers you a daily watering reminder, the ability to save a record to “My Yard” about plants and pets find out. Not to mention that it is a tremendous app for detect plant diseases.

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And yes, you read that right. Nature ID not only does it help you identify plants, it also does so with animals such as dogs and cats, as it is able to recognize more than 63 dog breeds and more than 462 dog breeds with a simple photograph. Amazing isn’t it?


LeafSnap to recognize plants and flowers

This app comes with advanced intelligence that allows you to recognize thousands of plants, trees and flowers from your mobile

the last application to identify plants online from our list is able to recognize up to 90% of all plants and trees discovered in the world to the present day. No matter where you are, LeafSnap knows what plant it is.

with his advanced artificial intelligence, can detect and recognize plants, flowers, fruits and trees with a simple photograph in seconds, giving you immediate access to one very complete database with all the necessary information.

With these apps, you will no longer have to battle the Internet for distinguish plants by photos on Google or calling your gardening friend for one hand, only captures an image and let these apps do the work. If you liked this article, check out these 11 best gardening apps to take care of your plants.

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