7 good apps for learning German

German is not that difficult if you practice with some of these options.

Discover the best apps to learn the language in a fun way.

If you are studying German and you want to put in practice your knowledge or even, if you want to start from scratch, we tell you that there are many shapes and tools that will help you master this language.

On this occasion, we present to you 7 applications with which you can learn or practice German from your Android mobile device, whenever and wherever you want. So we recommend you keep reading so you know them. Let’s start!

7 good apps for learning German

7 good apps for learning German

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The best apps for learning German on Android


Duolingo is one of the most popular applications for those people who want to learn new languages. It has different exercises that will help you get started in the language in an entertaining way.

Duolingo to learn German

Duolingo is a good alternative for learning new languages ​​and especially German

With this app, you can learn to read, write and grammar of different languages ​​(in this case, German) within a easy to use interface and quite intuitive. Best of all, it’s totally free.

Drops – Learn 41 languages

drops is focused on offer a language learning in a fun way, leaving aside the classical memorization which ends up being boring for anyone trying to know the language.

Content is displayed via minimalist illustrations and short games where you just need to dedicate 5 minutes a day to learn the language. It should be noted, that drops has recently included dialects, so the language is more focused on how to speak directly with the people in everyday life and not so much in grammatical structures.

I find Deutsch

It is an application that has been developed mainly for people who are refugees or immigrants who want to learn the basic knowledge to express oneself in the German language and thus make your days easier.

I find Deutsch to learn German

I find Deutsch for refugees or immigrants who want to learn German

All vocabulary is presented completely from audiovisual form, So it facilitates learning, leading to a more innate methodology based on the perception and communication, Leaving aside the grammatical structure and vocabulary.

count with different games and multimedia content designed exclusively for learning at the pace of the user. Besides, does not require an internet connection, So it can be used whenever and wherever you want.

Mosalingua – Learn German for free

the app Learn German for free it is ideal for those who really want to learn German fast and fun. The application is full of useful and practical content more used in everyday situations, in addition to having support at all times through tips and tricks.

Through a innovative method and based on scientific studies, you can learn German from a multilingual team through the techniques of (space repetition system, active recall, metacognition and more).

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Best of all, is that you can download the app for free and memorize it in a playful way, in addition to save all your progress so you know in real time which one is yours evolution in language learning.


Busuu is another of the best known applications when learning English or others languages ​​like German. One of the main features of this app is that it has a lot of exercises that you can solve in real time.

Busuu to learn to speak German

Learn to speak a language in 10 minutes with Busuu

Additionally, it has many test and activities which will help you improve your accent and pronunciation, as well as the language writing to get a better expression in the German. It’s completely free, though, it has in-app purchases which will help you to access exercises and additional testing.


Babbel is one of the digital tools most used by millions of people who want to learn a new language. It has more than 5,000 courses and 14 learning languages, Between them German.

Through this application, you will be able to know different topics of interest related to the language you are studying, perfect your pronunciation thanks to its voice recognition technology and consolidate knowledge quickly and easily.

One of the highlights of Babbel is that the first lesson of each course is free, so you can have knowledge of the language and decide if it is really handy for you and continue with the payment course.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular and recommended tools to learn different languages. Through a variety of interactive and contextual courses, You can enjoy the dynamic immersion method.

Rosetta Stone to speak German

Rosetta Stone 1 application to speak German safely

Through its methodology, you will be able to learn pronunciation of TruAccent through classes and functions focused on speech. Enjoy pwool customized according to your needs and take 10 minute courses where and when you want with or without internet connection.

This platform has different plans and courses ranging from the 3 to 12 months, Although if you prefer and can afford it, there is a lifetime option. To make matters worse, you can access all languages ​​with a single subscription, being able to switch between them as many times as you want and learn more about other languages.

As you can see, it had never been so easy learn a language, Especially the German. So we invite you to try these options that we select for you and stay with the one that best suits your pace and need. So Viel Glück!

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