3 years after it was announced, Project CARS GO would be closer than ever

And finally, Project CARS GO already has an official arrival date on both iOS and Android … And it will be very soon!

The truth is that three years ago we heard at Slightly Mad Studios tell us for the first time about Project CARS GO for mobile devices, although its development cycle for mobile platforms seems to have delayed longer than the developer herself expected, Because when we had almost forgotten them they now announce the official landing of Project CARS GO on iOS and Android.

He told us Phonearena emphasizing that, fortunately, the release dates have already been revealed and we won’t have to wait much longer as Project CARS GO will be released on mobile on March 23 without making distinctions between Apple’s platform and others.

Project Cars Go, closer than ever to Android.

Project CARS GO, closer than ever to Android three years after its announcement.

It’s not a rumor, either, but the expected official announcement published by GAMEVIL and Slightly Mad Studios, Who had us on embers for three long years with one of the best racing games in the panorama, At least in its rather realistic driving simulator style.

Project CARS GO will arrive on Android

One of the most anticipated racing games, now available in the Google Play Store pre-registered

It is in fact a title adapted not only to the most veterans of the video game and motor enthusiasts, but also a casual players, Which this time recycles its gameplay to look for this symbiosis with smartphones and tablets.

As you may have seen, Project CARS GO is already here available in the Google Play Store for pre-registration, With gifts for all users who sign up prior to its launch, and that they will receive in this case 100 diamonds to buy items in-app within the game.

More have been published videos of gameplay like the one we show you, and more details like the have been revealed depth of customizations on vehicles, With countless options to configure in the garage between paints, stickers, designs in the form of vinyl, plots or different books for cars.

obviously cars can be improved in the progress of the game with parts and enhancers, although we can also go buy more racing vehicles, unlocking tracks, locations and different modes as the Worls Tour, Daily & Manufacturer Invitationals time trial races or more.

Here we leave you with an image gallery published by GAMEVIL and Slightly Mad Studios to promote the launch:

3 years after it was announced, Project CARS GO would be closer than ever

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